Pulse Infoframe's platform is designed as a unified, multi-tenant system for easy, secure, cost-effective, multi-site collaboration across health systems and specialist communities globally. We extend the registries with leading international ontologies and standards, including Snomed, Rxnorm, LOINC.  This data augmentation enables broad interoperability with different systems, deep research, and rich analysis.

Collaborative Clinical Research

Pulse Infoframe's platform connects specialists from around the world in self-configuring networks. This enables research through applications and processes, providing clinicians and researchers longitudinal de-identified patient records, with real-time analytics.

Workflow Optimization

healthieTM modules are designed with expert workflow review allowing for specific disease fields that are crucial to their discipline. Customized workflows based on intuitive visualization screens and tracking tools help formulate data representations similar to the standard clinical workflow.

Experienced Consulting

An automated workflow project is only as good as the vision and design behind it. Pulse Infoframe's experienced team will assist in building the workflow fully customized for a facility’s specific needs.

Cloud Enabled Global Sourcing

Pulse Infoframe's cloud based system can be accessed from any device. Just open a browser and the web-application will optimize based on any device. There is no need to install or configure any settings. Gesture based controls are easy to use. The platform has a full mobile API, so if native apps are needed, they can be downloaded.


Pulse Infoframe's platform seamlessly interfaces with applications and can “push-and-pull” data across disparate systems in three ways – through HL7 standards, API libraries, and bridge solutions. Construct, analyze and share composite medical records in real-time with our platform along the care continuum, across a single health system, or the globe.

Rapid Deployment Services

Pulse Infoframe's platform removes the IT burden from an organization, reduces costs, reduces labor hours and shortens deployment time. Go live in 60 days with our full customized solution!