Pulse Infoframe applies best practices security, privacy and audit controls to ensure the protection of information across the ecosystem. Data quality and management capabilities ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information. Pulse Infoframe enables the interoperability and secure distribution of information across different systems.

Dynamic Registries

Pulse Infoframe's intuitive entry and integration tools collect patient demographic, lifestyle, clinical,  genomic, common registry elements, and data across multiple diseases. Our registries create rich linked longitudinal records, enabling actionable insights in patient outcomes, research,  value-based pricing, new therapies, and evidence based protocols. Our registries offer significant advances over Excel tools by automating information collection from many sources, systemically linking information together, and enriching the data for intelligence and action.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Pulse Infoframe provides flexible authoring tools to define and capture patient disease, outcome, and experiential data, starting with the patient's initial visit. Periodic collection enables a comprehensive progression of the patient journey, trending, and intervention opportunities to improve the patient's health, while enriching the registry longitudinal record and insights.

Visualizations and Analytics

Pulse Infoframe's visualizations and analytics tools deliver real-time insights using dashboards.  We utilize the OMOP Common Data Model and its rich ontologies to deliver consistent, quality information, which our predictive and analytical models use to derive insights. Our users are able to generate custom, on-demand precision analytics, and visualizations. enabling actionable insights into new therapies, clinical protocols, business strategies, and real world evidence.

Patient Engagement Portal

Pulse Infoframe's patient engagement portal offers  dynamic patient data collection, collaboration, and outreach. Information is automatically aggregated and enriched with patient analytics and metrics visualization for visibility and awareness. The patient metrics and visual depictions for communications back to patients are customizable and easy to understand. Our real-time collaboration tools bring together patient and participating clinicians to facilitate inputs, messaging and education, while deepening the relationships.