Yes. If you need technical support, you may email our support team at

healthieTM upgrades occur quarterly via a schedule set by the Pulse Infoframe chief technology officer. Because healthieTM is cloud-based, upgrades occur seamlessly and during non-peak hours in order ensure no interruption of services.

The healthieTM platform is highly scalable. Our clients are provisioned with their own software environment, including both web application and database servers. Our client environments can be scaled based upon the number of anticipated patients, clinicians, and locations. The number of concurrent users can be significantly high based on the infrastructure sizing.

Pulse Infoframe implements a comprehensive security model across its internal corporate and its healthieTM software platform. Client registries are deployed on their hardware infrastructure. We apply 512 KB digital certificate encryption and SSL for all members accessing the system.

We apply rich security controls for all users roles-based access and are expanding for information attributes-based access controls to ensure both features and information are properly secured. We segregate the application and the data for our clients to prevent physical access to the information. We are also implementing encryption at rest for the database. Any files are already stored encrypted.

Yes, Pulse InfoFrame offers broad flexibility to enterprise medical systems with multiple hospitals, clinics, and physician practices. Pulse InfoFrame supports different levels of complexity and workflow between various sized facilities within your IDN.

Yes, healthieTM does support sites in multiple time zones on a single platform.

Yes, healthieTM is web-based and is accessible through browsers, tablets and smart phones. All functions such as reading, editing, and printing can be done from any PC on your network subject to user privileges. No downloadable applets are required and all terminals on the network have full functionality.

Yes, VPN is an excellent way to provide physicians and others access to their data from their homes or offices.



Yes, healthieTM is a browser-based web application running on your infrastructure.

Pulse Infoframe delivers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), maintains the software and provides support to clients as part of the standard service. healthieTM requires little day-to-day maintenance and the Pulse Infoframe team performs patch management, backup oversight, and periodic log review. Client system administrative support is limited to their client browsers.


We can configure healthieTM to user workflow and where possible, via an icon, to the clinical system screen.

Pulse's registry was specially designed to be clinically relevant and compliant with FDA and EMEA data standards - for example, OMOP. Many other registries focus only on administrative information, benchmarking or quality.