Curing diseases and improving healthcare outcomes is a collaborative effort and everyone's voice should be heard. Collaboration cures disease and global collaboration is especially vital in the case of rare diseases. After all, how can physicians make the right decisions if they do not have relevant patient information at their fingertips? How can researchers advance science without access to lots of data? How can patients learn about and track their own conditions and provide policy makers with real world evidence on which to base funding of treatments? And finally, how can pharmaceutical companies quickly access and track outcomes for drug development without the relevant data? That's why Pulse Infoframe has built a collaborative ecosystem that enables all these voices to be heard and pertinent information to be shared as appropriate. And it really works! Already our global disease ecosystems have helped advance treatments and connect patient communities around the world. Effective, global collaborative data exchanges are managed with our Healthieā„¢ solution.

Pulse Infoframe uses its state-of-the-art platform healthieTM to provide solutions for:

Patients and
Advocacy Groups

Pulse Infoframe's patient portal provides a window on the latest medical information, updates and insights for specific diseases, and allows for collaboration between patients, families and clinicians.
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Hospitals and Academic
Medical Centers

Pulse Infoframe enables a deeper understanding of patient populations through a single source, best-in-class solution enriched with clinically relevant information and follows patients outcomes over time.
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Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and
Medical Device Companies

Pulse Infoframe links research communities globally, enabling wider collaboration and dramatically enriching the pool of information available so as to advance knowledge and accelerate time-to-value.
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"We transform patient relevant data into knowledge that powers decisions, improves outcomes and enables real world evidence to help advance care"

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

Founder & CEO, Pulse Infoframe Inc.